Andrew's Class Notes: πŸ† Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

February 2024

Morag Brown 22/02/2024

Dragged me forcefully away from school for an evening which gave me a much-needed mental reboot

Nominated by Andrew Stroev on 27/02/2024

January 2024

Finlay Cadger 26/01/2024

Saved a cat from being run over

Nominated by Alexander Stroev on 26/01/2024

Andrew Stroev 14/01/2024

Helped me when I was injured

Nominated by Deniz Saraev on 15/01/2024

September 2023

Robert Simmers 19/09/2023

Helped with German language learning on Duolingo

Nominated by Harry Hughes on 19/09/2023

Deniz Saraev 12/09/2023

Lent me a pen for the day when I forgot mine at home

Nominated by Andrew Stroev on 14/09/2023

Hannah Mckeigue 07/09/2023

Brought in Cadbury chocolate fingers to share out during maths class

Nominated by Andrew Stroev on 11/09/2023

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