Scottish Set Text Commonality Question - Shores


With reference to Shores and at least one other by Sorley MacLean, consider the ways in which an intimate relationship with the poems' settings are presented to highlight a particular theme.

In Shores, MacLean uses the line "measuring sand, grain by grain" to demonstrate how much time he is willing to spend in the landscape, and draws a direct connection between the poet and the grains of sand in the beach, showing his intimate relationship with his surroundings.

Another example is "I would put up a synthesis of love for you / the ocean and the sand", where enjambment is used to highlight the connection between the poet's love, and the surrounding setting.

In An Autumn Day, the poet also demonstrates an intimate relationship with the setting when describing the North African landscape during war, highlighting the contrast between the terrors of war and the beauty of nature.

In Kinloch Ainort, the poet also shows an intimate relationship with the setting with vast, expansive and vivid descriptions of the glaciated upland landscape, emphasising the tranquility and beauty of the setting while also hinting at its aggressive and violent past and formation.