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🤓 Andrew's Class Notes

Advanced Higher


Rotational Motion and Astrophysics

📈 Motion Graphs and Calculus
🔁 Rotational Motion
🌀 Centripetal Force
🔧 Torque and Moment of Inertia
🌐 Gravitational Fields
🚀 Escape Velocity
💫 General Relativity
🕳️ Black Holes
🌟 Star Brightness
💥 Star Lifecycle


🏔️ Altitude Analogy
Coulomb's Law
🦾 Electric Potential
🧲 Magnets and Induction

Penny for your thoughts?

As I'm struggling with my school workload currently, I'm missing a significant amount of information for the Electromagnetism topic (e.g. reactance), as well as the entirety of the Quanta and Waves topic.

If you have some good quality notes you'd be willing to contribute, please send them my way and I'd be more than happy to transcribe / transfer your notes to this site (with credit, of course)!

- Andrew (that other one) :>


🎵 Late Romantic Music Essay
🎷 Cole Porter - 'Anything Goes' Comparison
🟡 Minimalism



Our Dynamic Universe

⏱️ Classical and Special Relativity
🔊 The Doppler Effect
🌌 The Expanding Universe

Particles and Waves

Electric Fields
🧲 Magnetic Fields
💥 Particle Accelerators
🔬 The Standard Model
☢️ Nuclear Reactions
🌊 Interference
💡 The Photoelectric Effect
🌈 Refraction
🔆 Irradiance


🤘 AC and DC
🔁 Electrical Circuits
🛑 Internal Resistance
🔋 Capacitors
💻 Semiconductors


Class Notes

🎼 Sonata Form
🎵 Chamber Music
🎭 Operas and Oratorios
🎶 Symphonies
🎹 Classical Concertos


Dixit Dominus
🔍 Mozart's Piano Sonata in G Major


🗺 The Great Gatsby - Setting
🪧 Translations - Act 2 Scene 2 Analysis
📜 Scottish Set Text Commonality Question - Shores
🎮 Higher Folio - Storytelling in Video Games
🐦 Higher Folio - Columba